Kids Launcher

Kids Launcher is an application designed for parents who want their children to use their mobile or tablet responsibly👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. The parental control features of Kids Mode give parents a lot of flexibility on how to set up their phone and tablets to limit screen time; block ads and inappropriate content.

By configuring the application, we can keep our children in a safe area without access to applications or content that is not appropriate for them.

The more important characteristics of Kids Launcher are: 

Custom Start Screen

Custom Start screen where you can access only the applications, photos or videos that you want. Blocks access to applications that are not allowed

Safe photos and videos

Access to safe photos and videos, separate from the cell gallery

Kids Launcher Remote

Kids Launcher Remote is an application designed to control the time your child uses their device from your own cell.

Access to restricted area by PIN

Access to restricted area by PIN or switch to your usual Launcher. If you share the device with the child, you can access blocked applications with the unlock PIN in a couple of steps

Daily and monthly statistics

Daily and monthly statistics of total and per application time

Set a time limit

Set a time limit for the day and time to go to bed and more settings

All information for you

Information about everything your child does at all times